VERDANT's mission is to produce the highest-quality magazine available anywhere with news, ideas and advice about eco-friendly products and activities to improve a reader's quality of life—our slogan is: Smarter Choices for Better Living.

Verdant is at once beautiful and thought-provoking, lush and enjoyable while providing sound, honest information. The editorial content is written by some of the nation's best (and best known) writers.

The need for reliable information about sustainable choices has now reached a tipping point as sustainability becomes mainstream. So-called "green" articles appear regularly in national magazines and newspapers. Greater public awareness has ignited a demand for a regular and qualified information source that shows how to conserve natural resources no axe to grind and no political agenda.

Verdant will contribute to the preservation and improvement of the planet's environment by bringing new ideas and information to sophisticated, modern readers who lead by example in their purchases. Verdant is designed to appeal to readers who are comfortable in their lifestyles but interested in learning about new ways to live better by making smarter choices that help—not hurt—the environment.


  Verdant Magazine: Smarter Choices for Better Living
  Verdant - lush and green

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